Account Based Marketing (ABM)

In recent times, a majority of B2B companies are adopting account based marketing to improve their overall marketing. Account based marketing is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs who want to generate quality leads and boost their long-term revenue. Before we discuss the importance of account based marketing, let’s have a quick look at the meaning and purpose of this approach.

What Exactly is Account Based Marketing (ABM)?

Do you know more than 60% of organisations are planning to introduce an Account based marketing  campaign in 2020? On the contrary, some companies have not even heard of the ABM approach. To put it in the simplest terms, account based marketing is defined as an exceptional business plan that considers an individual client as its own market. Instead of focusing on the industry as a whole, companies following the ABM approach plan their content strategies, event, and other such marketing activities based on the specific group of people related to that account.

From the above definition, it is clear that ABM is a business strategy that creates campaigns, content, and other related marketing activities for specific clients and prospects. Although ABM can be adopted by any type of business, it is most suitable for B2B companies. The reason is the ABM approach works for firms with a large number of buyers as well as stakeholders. Here we have come up with some benefits and significance of ABM approach. Read on.

The Importance of Account Based Marketing Approach

First things first, ABM can develop your overall marketing efforts but that doesn’t mean you can replace your other essential marketing practices with it. You must focus on account based marketing, but only as a supplement to your current industry-level marketing approach. Let’s learn about the importance of ABM.

  • It Shortens the Sale Cycle

Do you know what is the most time-consuming process in marketing? Well, wasting your efforts in grooming the uninterested leads (i.e. the individuals who are highly unlikely to turn into customers).  Basically, the companies hand over this task to the sales team. It is the sales team that determines how they can remove these leads from the sales funnel.

By embracing Account Based Marketing, you can rest assured that only the quality lead is generated. With ABM, your business tends to attract people who really plan to connect with your brand and become your customers. This reduces the time of grooming the unwanted leads and thus shortens the sale cycle.

  • It Engages Your Audience

It is important to note that ABM may not help you to generate more leads or gain more traffic to your site. But it will definitely improve the experience of your audience. There’s no denying that it is super challenging for marketers to come up with a marketing strategy that can cater to a large audience. Basically, you need to design a marketing strategy that focuses on catering to individual customers rather than the industry as a whole. That’s exactly what the account based marketing approach does for your company. ABM is important to provide your readers, viewers, and customers with a personalized experience.

  • ABM brings better results

Unlike the traditional marketing approach, you can always determine where exactly is your marketing investment going and what return on investment can you expect by the end of the ABM campaign. In other words, ABM ensures that you get a certain return on investment for all the marketing efforts and resources you are using. In addition, this approach helps you ascertain which marketing campaign can benefit your business in the long run. It also gives you an idea of where exactly should you invest your resources.

Why Hire Digilense for Account Based Marketing?

Digilense is a professional and experienced marketing agency that specializes in all types of digital marketing campaigns. This digital marketing company puts focus on individual customers and prospects. They know how to implement account based marketing and generate quality leads (i.e. the visitors who are likely to turn into your customers). Hire the exclusive ABM services of Digilense and take your company to a whole new level.

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